What is there to say about living with bipolar disorder? For starters, it isn’t easy. But if you are reading this blog, then you already knew that.

I could never understand why I was so sensitive, or had so many mood swings, or had bursts of energy, impulsivity and then could be hit with an inexplicable wave of sadness until I was diagnosed with Bipolar II. The diagnosis explained a lot. The diagnosis also became an obsession and I became consumed by it and I let it consume me, and I became unable to function for a very long time. Eventually I learned that Bipolar doesn’t control me and I have to learn to make peace with the diagnosis (I still have to do that).

I wish I could go to work every day, and be myself, but I know I that isn’t possible. I am myself to a certain extent. I have to suppress the highs and stay collected during the lows at work.

We live in a society where people view mental illnesses differently from physical illnesses and there is a serious lack of understanding of mental illnesses.

I am fortunate to have a great support network and I am very aware of what my triggers are.

All I know is that once you figure out that Bipolar IS NOT YOUR FAULT, it makes life a lot easier.


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